Saturday, March 3, 2012

Korea 2012


DMZ Tour


The Wall of Wishes and Dreams

The Third Tunnel Monument

 The view of North Korea, Cannot take pictures beyond the yellow line

North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

The first train station to be built to unite North Korea and South Korea once they Unite

The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
 Gray buildings are the North Koreans, the Blue buildings are the South Koreans/ United Nations

 ROK Soldiers in Special formation and stance.

 North Korean Peace building.
 North Korean soldier is in the middle of the picture.
 Do NOT point, make any hand or facial gestures and do not try to communicate with them.

Inside the blue building. ROKs guard to ensure the North Koreans do not cut the speaker cords to the United Nations speakers and do not lower the chairs so they look down on the United Nations to show their superiority. 
 The North Korean tourist also stand on the table and wipe their feet to show disrespect.

 North Korean building
The Spot ii Which you are surrounded by 3/4 North Korea and 1/4 South Korea

North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

South Korea

Monument for the two soldiers that were killed known as The axe murder incident which created Operation Paul Bunyan.
the team went to trim a tree that was blocking their view of the other guard tower. As they were trimming the tree a force of North Korean soldiers showed up and killed two US soldiers. Later Operation Paul Bunyan went into affect in which the United Nations showed their forces and cut down the tree. they left the stump. Later the North Koreans apologized, but that was not enough we demanded to put a monument in Place for the fallen soldiers. 

 The Actual Road of No Return: It does not look anything like the road in the movie Salt... it is a very thin, old small road. But none the less is the ONLY road that connects North and South Korea.

Seoul:  lots of buildings, people, and bridges.